Competitive Residency Programs in the United States is a life’s goal of every medical student. If you are among those aspirants who are looking for a competitive residency program in the US then you are in a right place. Every year there are hundreds of thousands medical students across the globe applying for residency programs in the US and limited student can avail this prestige opportunity because the applying candidates are more and positions offered bymedical schools are less . Only those students get match who are well prepared before appearing in the exams. We are offering our professional services to prepare medical students to get match as per their specialty / scopes.

Competitive Residency Programs are little bit strange for newly applying candidates, without proper help/ guidance a minor chance for a medical student to get match. Therefore, preparation is the only key to avail this opportunity. Nevertheless, whether you are a US medical student or an International medical student, you can apply for residencies in the United States through Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) and in the Canada through CaRMS. We are here to guide and assist you to know about ERAS/ CaRMS and how to wind up the whole process of getting a residency match. Initially, we will give you an important interview and ERAS/CaRMS tips later on, guide you about writing personal statements and proposal letters. Mostly, it comes to our notice that majority of the medical students are reluctant to apply for residency programs through ERAS and CaRMS taking the process hectic. However be confident we are here to hold your hand and make your task done in a friendly manner.
Medical Residency
Competitive Residency Programs are two types, the least competitive residency programs and the most competitive residency programs. Competitiveness is depending on the fill rate, if the fill rate is comparatively higher than residencies will be more competitive. To sort out the most competitive and least competitive residencies, the medical students have to attain the Computer based algorithm tests that distinguish the dispositions of both medical students and the programs. Competitiveness is based on the numbers and level of positions filled by senior medical students in schools.

Medical Residency Programs offered by Canadian medical schools require those medical students who passed and finished the NA, OSEC or National Assessment Collaboration Objective Structural Clinical Examination whereas, most residency programs require Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) US based and CaRMS Canadian Based to submit personal statements and proposal letters. . Although NA, OSEC/ ERAS / CaRMS are challenging channels. The majority of the medical students who reached us were at first new to the residency application process, after getting guidance/ help from our professionals, they not only know the entire process but got residency matches within a short period. So don’t worry for unfamiliar with the residency program process.

If you are committed and hard worker student, we know how to prepare medical students for residency programs. We have highly qualified experts who can assess your capacity and suggest you the best specialty program for you. You will get the match with no pressure and difficulty. We are confidently sure that we can help you.

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