Physician Assistant Schools have pre-made guidelines of the process they follow for the admission and the time length they have to complete the whole process. It’s crucial to know about these to prepare for the complete selection process.
Physician Assistant Schools give us an overview of the whole process. The process is lengthy, but the final result makes it worth it. The initial process of the PA Schools starts from applying for the application, but your preparation should begin with taking care of all the requirements of PA Schools.

Here is a guideline to plan accordingly-

1. Recommenders and GRE- Select the list of your recommenders. Prepare and Take the GRE. Re-take your GRE if you are not satisfied with your score or if it’s not enough for you to apply for your favorite university. This process concludes by the end of March.

2. PA School’s Application begins- The application begins in April, and the latest deadline is mostly the last week of August. Compile all your documents, start with the basic requirements of all university ;
• Bachelor’s Degree
• GRE and GPA Scores
• Essay Requirement
• Letter of Recommenders list

Put them together and submit your application before the deadline.

3. Interview Calls- The calls of interview begins in September and goes till January. The admission committee starts calling the best applications for interview.
Some tips to excel your interview-
• Wear a neat dress
• Greet them.
• Read your resume carefully, and don’t confuse them with different answers.
• Talk confidently.
• Ask them questions about the university when they ask you about your questions.

4. Result of Interview- The results of the interview usually comes out between February to March. If you are selected, the enrolling process starts here. The Physician Assistant schools release the waitlisted applicants list, and if you’re on the list of more than one school, you can choose the best school according to your necessity, and you can also go through the ranking tables to choose the school according to their ranks.

5. Prepare yourself for the PA School- Get yourself prepare for everything before school starts. It’s righteous to find yourself a productive and calming hobby. Also, plan your school days and how you will utilize them.

6. Starting your PA School- PA school usually begins during the fall. Focus on your education and start preparing for the PANCE (Physician Assistant National Certifying Examination).

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