It’s a bonus to know about the best and most suitable Physician Assistant schools which have the most beneficiaries for you. Physician Assistant gives students a wider reach, and choosing based on the diversification, will be best for the future career. Always make sure to check their GPA requirement and PANCE pass rate. PANCE is a five-hour examination after your PA School to certify you as a licensed Physician Assistant.

Let’s go through the top seven universities that will help you to excel for the PANCE and their pass rates with qualities-

  1. University of Iowa– This Physician Assistant School is in Iowa, IA. It is one of the top Universities. The rating it received based on a survey is 4.2 and with the highest five-year PANCE pass rate of 100. The campus type is Urban, and if your preference is Urban, this University is the right place for you.
  2. Baylor College of Medicine- The University is in Houston, TX, with an urban campus type. It has a rating of 4.1 and a five-year PANCE pass rate of 98. It focuses on academic excellence with traditional values.
  3. University of Utah-The University is in Salt Lake City, UT, with an urban campus type. It has a rating of 4.0 with a five-year PANCE pass rate is 93 and a prestigious and research-oriented University to discover new things.
  1. Duke University-The Duke University is in Durham, NC, with a suburban campus type. The highest rating of 4.2 and a remarkable PANCE pass rate of 96. This Physician Assistant School has beautiful architecture with a flexible environment.
  1. Emory University-The University is in Atlanta, GA, with a rating of 3.9. A University dedicated to the community and health with a five-year PANCE pass rate of 95. The campus type is Suburban that is a rural setting in the town square.
  1. George Washington University-The University is in Washington, DC, with a rating of 3.9. The five-year PANCE pass rate is 95. This PA School has more than just that and has good internships and career opportunities.
  2. University of Colorado-The Public University is in Aurora, CA. A rating of 3.8 and with a five-year PANCE pass rate of 98. A school with a stunning environment and pleasant weather.
  3. University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center- The University is in Dallas, TX. The rating is 3.8, and the extraordinary last five years PANCE pass rate of 100. It is known as the best in the country for scientific research purposes

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