If you’re planning to apply to medical schools in the USA or Canada, you got to know about the requirements they’ve, and CASPER Test is one of them. Medical Schools have personality evaluation methods through Essays, letters of Recommendation, Interviews, etc. These are some traditional methods to evaluate the applicant’s personality, and then there’s CASPER Test.

Let’s get to know what CASPER Test is and what makes it different from the traditional evaluation method.

CASPER (Computer-Based Assessment for Sampling Personal Characteristics) Test is a judgmental admissions test through situations; it aims to judge the traits like professionalism, communication, ethics, empathy, respect, etc.

For 2021-2022, CASPER Test includes the multi-part assessment called Altus Suite. Altus Suite has a one-way video response tool, a questionnaire related to the videos that evaluate your fit for the medical schools. Though not all medical schools have the CASPER test as a mandatory requirement, the number of medical schools with CASPER test requirements is increasing.


You can apply for the CASPER Test on the Altus Suite website. The cost of taking the CASPER Test is $12 and an additional $12 for the distribution of scores to every med school.
CASPER Test occurs once a month, and to be on the safe side, it’s better to register at least three days before the test date with time in hand to complete the verification and payment process in those three days. Different Medical Schools have other deadlines to take the CASPER Test, and you can check them on the website of med schools. It’s better if you take the CASPER Test before the deadline date, as it gives you more time to complete other requirements. The scores are often released and sent to medical schools within 2-3 weeks of the CASPER Test. This test is valid for one application cycle.
The other pro tip is always to be prepared for the CASPER Test; though it is a situational based questionnaire, it’s better to be ready for the types of the question; here are some things you can do-

1. Practice and ace your typing speed as you’re given 2 minutes to write the answers.
2. Brush up your grammar with the typing speed; it’s necessary to keep an eye on the typos and errors with the typing.
3. Fill yourself up with medical ethics and practice the situational questions by keeping the ethics in mind.

CASPER Test is becoming a requirement in many medical schools. It is shown in a test that CASPER Test shows the personality traits better than the traditional method. The complete process from registration to result distribution is not lengthy but plays a vital role in your selection.

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