CASPER Test is Computer Based Sampling of Personal Characteristics, a part of Altus Suite; it includes one-way video response and a questionnaire related to that video; the answers to these questions check whether you’re a right fit for the med schools.
The requirement of the CASPER Test as personality evaluation is increasing steadily in different med schools as it is proved that the CASPER Test is more accurate than the traditional personality evaluation method.
CASPER is three hours test with twelve sections, and out of these, eight were video-based, and four were word-based scenarios; each of the scenarios has three open-ended questions in which you have to explain how you will handle that situation.
The format of both the scenarios are-
Video-Based Scenarios-
1. Your role in the given situation.
2. 1-2 minute video on the scenario.
3. Three open-ended questions which measure your soft skills.
Word-Based Scenarios-
1. A short statement (describing your role and situation)
2. Open-ended questions
The marking of each scenario is on a scale of 9. You can score average marks by just answering the questions, but you can’t get accepted in medical schools with just an average score; you got to have scores that exceed evaluators’ expectations.
How can you do that?
Though CASPER Test has a questionnaire based on the situational video, being familiar with the types of situations can help you score well.
These are some ways you can practice for the test-
1. Practice your typing skill; make sure that you’ve no typos, errors in that.
2. Familiarise yourself with medical ethics
3. Practice the type of questions and try to complete them in the given time of 5 minutes; it prepares you in the best way.
4. Try to be professional while answering the questions.
5. Familiarise yourself with the time limit.
6. Time Management
When evaluators mark you rather than on your grammar, the marking is on your maturity, observations, professionalism, critical thinking, problem-solving, etc.
Ever thought about what kind of questions it could be to look like a fit for medical schools?

CASPER Test has hypothetical questions; it gives you a situation where you’ve to choose between two options. It checks the level of your professionalism and maturity from the way you explain your choice. More than the choice, why you chose that matters, and with what in your mind.
For example- It can ask you to choose between you the clinic’s policy and your ethics. What are you going to choose in between that, and most importantly, why?
CASPER Test is easy and requires maturity, critical thinking, professionalism, etc. Practicing before the test will help you prepare for the question and time management and ace it.

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