The Common App Activities section is the part where you can show your skills off outside of academics. While applying for colleges, you come across several categories: essays, GPA, SAT, and Common App Activities. Extracurricular activities are an essential part of your admission process. It demonstrates how many activities you can represent your college while studying in college, putting aside your grades, ranks, ACTs, etc. This section can help you get into an elite university.

There are many questions associated with the Common App Activities section.

The Common App Activities take some information aside from the main section, which includes-

  1. Participation grade levels– This takes information about the grade level you participated in the given activity. It can be 9th, 10th, 11th, or any other grade.
  2. Time of your participation- This information requires the time you took part in the mentioned activity, such as school break, all year, after the school year, etc.
  3. The number of hours spent in a week for the activity chosen.
  4. The number of weeks spent in a year for the activity chosen.
  5. If you’re interested in participating in similar kinds of activities in college. The options are (Yes/No)

The Common App Activities section has four categories-

  1. Activity Type- This field has a drop-down list box to choose among art, social work, athletics, work, research, debate/speech, foreign language knowledge, etc. You can select up to 10 activities.
  2. Position/ Leadership description- This box in the section of common app activities describes your position in your activities or if you were the leader. You have to optimize the use of “50 characters”. For example – the captain of a football team, lead the team of any social work, team leader in the workplace, etc.
  3. Organization Name-The box is to name the organization you’ve worked for or the team you were part of, and also the limit is 100 characters.
  4. Description box- This box of common app activities is where you’ve to be strategic while writing. The description box has a maximum of 150 characters. You have to describe the activity you were part of, including all the accomplishments and recognitions.

Common App Activities alone brings a massive impact on the applicant’s documents. Many applicants can be good in academics, but very few applicants can represent college outside of studies, and colleges value that. Your skills and experiences can help you secure a seat in college.


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