Common App Activities is the section where you have to mention the extra co-curricular activities you were part of in your high school. It has some fields you need to fill up. You can list out up to 10 activities.

Did you ever think how Common App Activities can help you secure your seat in an elite college?

The competition to get into a good college is growing, and the scores and ranking in your academics can not alone secure you a seat in a well-known college. The optimization of this section is essential. Many colleges want students who have experience and achievements outside of academics as well, and this helps them get students who can represent the college in extracurricular activities, and Common App Activities is one of the part where you can catch the eyes of the admission committee.

Here are some essential tips that can help you ace the Common App Activities section-

  1. The Common App Activities section asks specific questions about the activities, and there is a limit of characters in the boxes. It’s necessary to utilize all the characters strategically.
  2. Be specific while writing the descriptions, which means, instead of writing “Organized events for disabled,” write” Organized an entertainment event for disabled people in South Miami.” This sentence will help you create an unquestionable description of your activities because you were specific about the event and place.
  3. Don’t repeat the words to enhance your position in the activity. Try to describe your achievements without repeating terms. It’ll help you to save characters to write more about your recognitions, achievements, and work.
  4. Try not to use complete sentences; rather, specify your activity or achievements. Instead of writing “At the basketball event, we won all the matches and got prizes,” write “Won all basketball matches and received prizes.”It helps you be within the word limit.
  5. Don’t randomly list the activities. Go through the past acceptance records of the college and check which are the activities they give the most priority on and list in that order. Start with the most prioritized tasks of that college and end with the least. This strategy will capture the attention of the committee and will leave an impactful impression.
  6. Use impactful words. Don’t just describe your duty, but also specify your teachings. That means using words that describe the purpose of your work. Instead of using “Tutored math to the student,” use “Helped high school students ace the math equation and formulas.” This second one is specific, impressive, and also shows your knowledge.
  7. Don’t fake or exaggerate your achievements, be honest about all of your tasks, activities, recognitions, and accomplishments.

Common App Activities Section has a lot of impact on the committee. Using the right tips can help you make the best out of this section.

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