Letter of Intent for Medical Residency is a concise letter to the residency program that you will rank them first in your Rank Order List.
You can either send an e-mail or a handwritten letter. We would suggest sending an e-mail if you’re near the deadline as it will be safer for you, and if not, a handwritten letter of intent with a greeting card for personal touch will be highly impactful.

We’ve some tips on how you can write a perfect letter of intent for medical residency and secure your seat-

1. A personalized handwritten letter: Don’t write the letter of intent like a robot. Use informal words which fit perfectly with the tone of the letter. Personalize the letter for the residency program and try to put your real reasons in the letter.

2. Follow a format: Using a layout for Letter of Intent doesn’t snatch away the personal touch. It is just a strategy to make your letter more impactful. The format is specific about your choice to rank them first and then continue with the reasons.

3. Add a handmade greeting card: It shows the effort you’re putting into your favorite residency program. Nothing goes wrong when the effort is pure, and putting effort will make you satisfied that you tried your best irrespective of the result.

4. Remind them of your interview: Remind them of your interview who you are or what you answered. Try to match reason in your letter of intent with your interview answers. Please don’t confuse them with different answers.

5. Don’t fake the reasons: The reasons should be what you like about your top-most choice. Don’t exaggerate about it. Write what stands out for you about the chosen residency program.

6. Don’t Plagiarize: Don’t plagiarize the content by going through admission websites or your friend’s letter of intent, and copy the whole letter. It’ll just snatch away the real you from the letter. Take a look at the format from the websites and note that down.

7. Check Grammar and Punctuations: It is one of the most critical factors. You’ve enough time to send the letter of intent, find websites to paraphrase your letter, and check your grammar.

Now, the whole process is complete. Keep one thing in mind.
Don’t write a letter to many residency programs. Don’t give vain hopes to two-three residency programs that you’re going to rank them first. Write one letter but with an impact that can immediately make them think about you while creating the Rank Order List.

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