Dental School Application includes a list of pre-requisites and requires attention to detail. It’s not just mere documents you are sending to the admission committee. It carries your future and dreams with it. So when I say “Be Careful.” I mean it.
The admission committee gets thousands of applications, all of them saying the same thing that they want the seat. But ever wondered what can make you different in the pool of applicants? The answer is your approach. Your approach towards the dental career you want to pursue and the way you distinguish yourself from others.

Though the application process of Dental School is less hassle than that of medical school, there is a long process involved. The essential and mandatory pre-requisites of dental school are mentioned below:-

1. DAT: DAT is Dental Admission Test which is consist of MCQs in four different tests are The Natural Science Test, Perceptual Ability Test, Quantitative Reasoning Test, and Reading Comprehension Test. The application starts somewhere between late May/early June, which depicts DAT completed by late June to get your application submitted and considered for the first round of interviews in September/October.

2. Personal Statement: Dental School personal statement matters as much as good DTA and excellent GPA. The personal statement should be short and not exceeding 4500 characters. The personal information should talk about you, your experiences, your passion for dentistry as a career, what makes you different and capable, etc.

3. Letter of Recommendation: Letter of Recommendation comes from professors, your mentor, employer, or a dentist you worked with during your school. Reach out to recommenders at least three months before your application submission date. You can submit at most four letters of recommendation. Check the requirements of the dental schools you aspire to go to before reaching to recommenders; they all have their criteria for the letters.

4. AADSAS: Associated American Dental Schools Application Service is an application service for dental school applicants. It opens on 11th May, and submissions begin from 1st June. You can review the application and prepare to send a perfect application. Try to send your application before 11th July; the earlier to send those, the more time you will have to prepare for supplemental application.

Above is the list of mandatory pre-requisites. The road is long but worth the wait. It all depends on your approach, the way you look at your passion for dentistry.

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