The question “Is this hard?” arises in the mind of every aspirant of Dental School. Dental Schools are increasing in number every year; the average cut-off of GPA and DAT to get into a dental school is simultaneously growing. The process is long, uncertain, competitive but worth the investment of time and money.

The Dental School Admissions process has some basic requirements, including specific science courses, good GPA score, Dental Admission Test (DAT) score, Letters of Recommendation, Personal Statement for Dental School, and extra-curricular such as working under dental firm, volunteering, etc.

These are some basic requirements that every applicant will submit, and here comes the strategy, i.e., optimizing every requirement. How?

Here are some tips to show your sincerity towards your passion to the dental school’s admission committee and make you stand out:-

1. Importance of Personal Statement-

Don’t take any of the Dental School application’s requirements granted. When I say this, I mean often applicants are exhausted after submitting a good GPA and excellent DAT score; due to this, they think personal statement doesn’t matter and don’t put up a strategy for this. The personal statement is where your approach can secure you a seat; the optimization part comes in; the personal statement shows your love for your passion, explaining experiences in the field you want to pursue your career into, describing yourself, etc.

2. GPA and DAT-

It’s already understandable and said many times that GPA and DAT scores matter. GPA can be the main reason for your rejection in the first round, and if you’re aiming for a reputed college, taking care of your GPA during your school. Other than GPA, the lessons of your school are also going to be a part of your dental school’s years, so it’ll be a bonus and on the other hand, until the dental school receives your DAT scores, they will not let the second round begin, so take your Dental Admission Test before late June.

3. Pre-Dental Extra-Curricular Activities-

The extra-curricular activities entertained by dental schools include volunteering in community services, research work, working under a dental firm, employed in the dental field or research lab.
These activities are needed to be mentioned in the personal statement, describing your roles and responsibilities.

4. Recommenders for Letters of Recommendation-

Choose your recommenders wisely. Some dental schools have criteria for the kind of Letters of Recommendation required; going through that would be helpful. Reach out to recommenders keeping in mind that the mentor, professor, or employer who understands your potential can describe you for who you’re, as Letters of Recommendation immensely impact the admission committee.

Optimizing the basic requirements of Dental School plays a vital role in the admission process; the approach towards your passion of becoming a dentist is how seriously you take these essential pre-requisites of dental school.

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