From high school to dental school, it’s a long way to achieve your dream of becoming a dentist. If you’ve made up your mind in high school of becoming one, the proper guidance is required from the time of your school to get accepted in a reputed dental school.

Dental School has pre-conceived criteria for your application, starting from your GPA, then taking up the DAT, prepare a personal statement, and reaching out to the recommenders and the AADSAS.

The whole process starts when you decide on your dream of becoming a dentist; the preparation begins with your mind and should be executed well with proper guidance. If your high school dream is to get into a dental school, then you can start taking baby steps in your high school.

Guidance towards your high school dream is essential. What are the things you can do to prepare for dentistry when you’re in high school?

Here are lists of things you as a high schooler can do to set yourself up for your dream of becoming a dentist-

  1. Connect to the dentist– Talk to dentists around you; they can be your relatives, friends, or someone in your family. Talking to them will help you understand the career you pursue in a better way. You can also gain experience by working there, which will be a bonus for your application.
  2. Focus academically on science:Science will play a significant role in your preparation and application process. The focus during your high school should be science, not just a subject but to learn it practically, and this is going to help you even after getting into dental school.
  3. Extra-curricular activities:Take up beneficial extra-curricular activities during your high school; this will fill you with experiences and knowledge about your surroundings and add to your application, enhancing your experiences and on-ground knowledge. Take up activities that can help you in your application process and make you stand out. It can be volunteering under community service, work with a dental firm or work with a research lab, etc.

Above mentioned is the list of things you can do during your high school to set yourself up for the dental school application process. A high school dream converting to success requires guidance. Choose your activities and courses correctly, focus on subjects vital for your dentistry career.

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