Osteopathic Medicine might be viewed as pseudoscience by certain individuals, and you might have heard some kind of criticism when you decide to choose Osteopathic Medicine as your field. On the other hand, many individuals would also say that osteopaths helped them when some specialists doctor failed. So those students applying to Osteopathic Medicine medical school interviews know that the most important part of the admission is to properly complete the interview. In this meeting, they can evaluate whether you’re ideal for their program.

In an Osteopathic Medical School Interview, your responses should emphasize how your abilities and skills match the osteopathic field in the interview. The interviewers will need to know what your experiences taught you about the osteopathic medical field and why you want to become an osteopath. It is important to show your skills and experiences that led you to the decision to become an osteopath.

In this article, we provide you a sample for your osteopathic medical school interview by posting a few questions you may ask and giving example answers to set them up on your own.

Why do you want to become an osteopathic physician?

I want to be an Osteopathic Medicine medical student because I want to provide high-quality health services to people. Nowadays, osteopathic medicine is one of the rapidly growing healthcare professions.

Where do you see yourself in the next five to ten years now?

Try to be specific in your response. As you can say, after becoming Osteopathic Medicine, I see myself as a practitioner where I share my experiences with others.

Why did you choose our school?

Instead of jumping long discussion focusing on the basic points about why you chose them, you can say that I chose this school due to the high quality of education, which helped me excel in my Osteopathic Medicine career.

Frequently asked question in your medical school interview

  • What steps would you take to improve health care?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Who inspires you to pursue osteopathic medicine?


You must present yourself in such a way that creates a positive image. Give comprehensive answers to each question with clarity of your thoughts about the school, education, and your interest in the osteopathic field. Following the things stated previously will give you success in the interview.

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