The AAMC (MSAR) database website provides complete information about the U.S also, Canadian medical schools, BS/MD programs, and much more.

The AAMC Medical School Admission Requirement (MSAR) database updates every school profile on a yearly basis, generally in April.

Medical School Application Information was directly collected from all the participating medical school admission departments.

Selecting a medical school is not an easy task. However, In this blog, you will find about the AAMC MSAR database, which helps you to choose the medical school that is the best fit for you.

How To Register For Msar Database

First of all, you need to enroll in an AAMC account. You’ll have to give your personal data, answer a couple of inquiries regarding your experiences and mention your new account details.

When you complete this process, AAMC sends an email to finish the registration requirement.

Then you can get the MSAR portal with your AAMC certifications. While the free database is accessible to everybody.

To get to the paid database, you’ll need your AAMC certification to buy the paid variant of MSAR on the AAMC store.

Terms Of Sale

Basic medical school profiles are available for everyone. A paid membership requires:

Candidate profile information includes:

  • MCAT test scores
  • GPAs
  • Experience of accepted candidates etc.

Moreover, the Subscription expired after two years. Subscription may only be used by the individual subscriber, and this is non-transferable and non-refundable membership.

The AAMC MSAR database provides two types of resources.

  • Free resources: The MSAR gives basic information about the medical school, which anybody can get free of cost.

They gathered the information from the school profiles, including course and tuition-related details, application deadlines and other information about each school.

  • Paid resources: The paid AAMC MSAR database provides a complete school profile which includes the GPA and MCAT scores of matriculants.

A one-year membership costs $28, while two-year membership costs $36. If you are a member of the AAMC fee assistance program then you’ll approach MSAR for the rest of your qualified year.

Lastly, We suggest you choose the paid version because it gives all the information which helps you to choose the best school according to your preferences at a reasonable cost.

How To Apply To Medical School Using Msar Subscription

There are resources available that help you to make strategic choices about where to apply and which can fit best for you according to your goals and interests.

To learn more about our medical school application consulting service.