A Central Application Service For Physician Assistant (CASPA) letter of recommendation is also known as a reference letter. It’s a bare minimum to enroll in a physician’s assistant program.

Your letter of reference for CASPA will make your application stand strong and showcase your abilities.

Therefore, this letter will show your professional skills, achievements and attitude at the workplace. 

This basic letter calculates qualifications, including your grades, courses, and any relevant experience.

Most Physician Assistant (PA) schools take part in the (CASPA) letter of recommendation program ; the ratings are gathered by CASPA. 

In this article, we will guide you about the letter of recommendation and tell you how many  recommendation letters are needed for PA schools.

How Many Letters  Require For Physician Assistant (PA) Schools 

Different programs may have different rules; generally three or five letters are required. At least three letters of support are needed by CASPA  and up to five. 

For example, One or two letters of recommendation from scientific instructors, one or two from PAs, and one from a non-science instructor may be required.

We do not suggest you include personal references in your application. Except if a PA school demands one, you should avoid recommendation letters from family members, friends of family, or public officials.

Who Writes CASPA Letter Of Recommendation?

CASPA letter of recommendation is written by one who is familiar with you very well and easily speaks about your strengths and accomplishments.

It is good to approach someone who knows you very well and also has some knowledge about your profession as CASPA will inquire about your letter writer’s tenure with you.

Therefore, there are 3 types of CASPA letter of recommendation which you could get :

  • Professional
  • Academic
  •  Personal 

Letter of recommendation are accepted online through CASPA; however, the recommender must be aware of how to submit the letter.

On the CASPA application, you must list the names, titles, and email addresses of three to five people who have agreed to serve as references for you.

When you give contact detail of the references on the application,They would receive an email with a review request and instructions on how to submit their text.

It is important to inform them while you are submitting their details in reference form for an assessment purpose. Though, they can respond in time.

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