For an MBA interview: your grades, essays, and SOPs are irrelevant. Instead, The Applications committee on an MBA program needs to ensure that your demeanor and communication skills are as well-rounded as your resume.

So even if you feel confident in your abilities to face an interview, it doesn’t hurt your chances to prepare beforehand. An established MBA interview coaching experience can help you provide much-needed insight into the process. Second chances are rare, so you must get it right the first time, ideally with some help from the experts. 

One of the first things that would benefit your chances of acing an MBA interview is understanding your prospective school or institute. Information about the lecturers, interviewers, administration staff, and academic backgrounds can help you relate to them and get on their good side. On top of that, a better understanding of the school’s culture, affiliated internships, and job opportunities can help you feel more at ease when facing an MBA interview.

Another important thing you should do is to find common MBA interview questions and prepare your answers. It can be tricky if you try to do it alone, so it’s best to get help from an expert or sign up for an MBA interview coaching session. Apart from guiding you with these questions, they can also help you practice with mock interviews, which are essential if you have stage fright. 

Even if holding your own and answering their questions will get you through the initial stages, it’s admirable (when allowed) to put forth questions about the school, your application process, and any concerns you might have about the program. Two or three well-placed questions can give them the impression that you’re genuinely interested. Also, an MBA interview coach can help you figure out the best questions fit for an interviewee to ask. 

Apart from that, presenting yourself properly on the day of the interview, which includes proper attire, respectable manners, and professional behavior, is crucial. No matter how well you’ve done your homework, if you aren’t punctual or approachable, there’s no chance you’ll come out of an MBA interview with a win.

With less than a 20% acceptance rate for most prestigious business schools, leaving a lasting impression on your interview is a herculean effort. An MBA interview coaching program coupled with proper research and practice can help you rise above the other applicants and get inducted into the program. 

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