Qualifying for an MBA program with a low GPA, from the perspective of an admissions committee, is not ideal. So if you’re not a “high-performing” candidate with a 3.4-3.7 GPA score, your chances of getting inducted into a prestigious business school are slim, but not impossible.

If you’re still studying for your Bachelor’s, you can still improve your grades and make a good impression. MBA applications can be powered through if you manage to dig deep and excel in your current subjects. 

To increase your GPA, you can start by attending classes, setting up a study plan, completing assignments on time, and getting help from tutors. Besides that, you can also take standalone modules in your spare time to boost your scores and learn new skills that progress your goal of getting into an MBA program with a low GPA.

Oftentimes, the MBA applications committee can be won over by showcasing your academic growth, i.e., your experience of how you managed to (drastically) improve your grades by honing crucial management skills.

For getting into an MBA program with a low GPA, there are several strategies that you can still pull off. One viable alternative is to improve your GMAT or GRE scores. Although not a direct substitute for GPA, high entry scores can help display your skill level and dedication to getting enrolled in business school. 

Apart from excelling in your GMAT or GRE scores, another solid strategy to elevate your MBA applications is to create an outstanding resume. Around 2-4 years of work experience coupled with references or letters of recommendation from industry professionals and lots of volunteering for charity and good causes can help distract the committee from your low-grade scores. 

Work experience is significantly more valuable than academic experience, so as long as you’ve immersed yourself practically, in the industry, for a couple of years or so, you’ll be able to get into an MBA program despite a low GPA. 

However, these are only half the battle. For the final step, you must regale the committee with your admissions essays. That includes the entire gamut of MBA motivation letters, video essays, and diversity essays. 

Getting into an MBA program with a low GPA is no easy feat, but with a proper study plan, a first-class resume, and help from experts, it can be attained.

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