29 01, 2019

Tell Every School They Are Your Number One Choice

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At SOS Admissions, we suggest you tell every school they are your number 1 choice because it will increase your chances of admission. A recent Wall Street Journal Article "Colleges Mine Data on Their Applicants" explains why. Colleges and universities want to have the highest possible applicant yield, that is the percentage of accepted students [...]

28 11, 2017

Should You Apply? Factors Affecting Your Medical School Application

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Medical schools are looking for applicants with strong records of academic achievement and ability, excellent interpersonal skills, evidence of compassion and concern for others, maturity, and a well-informed motivation for medicine. They try to determine who are the best candidates (from among thousands of excellent ones) by looking at grades; MCATs; extracurricular, employment and leadership [...]

28 11, 2017

MBA Application Components

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Although there are some MBA programs that require little more than your name and a copy of your past transcripts, most programs are more selective. This is especially true of the programs offered at top-tier business schools. The most common MBA application components include the following. Application Form Academic Records Professional Resume Essays Letters of [...]

28 11, 2017

College Planning Checklist for High School Students

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The spring of junior (11th Grade) year can be one of the most exciting and productive periods in the college search and admissions process. Your counselor can play a key role in helping you navigate the college process, providing the tools and information you’ll need not only to build a list of target schools but [...]