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how to buy propecia in usa Our College Admissions Consultants Will Help You with Your Application to Your Dream School

Let our college admissions consultants handle the entire application for you. Our university application consultants understand that applying to college can be stressful for applicants and their families. Our university application service will help you gain more confidence, reduce the stress involved, and successfully complete all aspects of your college application, including the common application.

Our College Consultants Have Helped Clients Get Into:
Harvard, University of Southern, California, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, Caltech, Stanford, College Application, College Admissions
Our college consultants have even helped clients apply for prestigious Rhodes and Marshall scholarships. No matter how competitive the college or university, we can help you apply successfully.
Our Admissions Consultants Have Been Featured In:
Time, Los Angeles Times, CNN, US News and World Report, NBC News, and China Daily

Our college admissions consultants have all worked in admissions offices at top colleges. They have a strong understanding of the process of applying to college. Our service is extremely helpful to students and families applying to top colleges. SOS Admissions has helped hundreds of applicants successfully get into the college.

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SOS Admissions provides clients with a wide range of college admissions consulting services, each of which is designed to bring forth the strengths and unique nature of each client. We offer college admissions consulting services as a package or individually based on your needs. Our college admissions consultants can get help with a specific aspect of your application (interviews, common applications, essays, etc.), or you can purchase a package for all aspects of your application.
Our Complete College Application Package gives you one-on-one admissions help throughout the entire application process. Our college consultants will write personal statements, resumes, and supplemental application forms and draft reference letters. Additionally, we will provide one-on-one admissions interview coaching via Skype, FaceTime, phone, or in-person meetings. In a nutshell, we will do everything short of submitting the college application for you..


College Application Consulting
  • School Selections

  • College Interview Preparation
  • Common Applications

  • Planning, Reviewing, and Feedback

  • Academics and Extracurriculars

  • Test Prep Suggestions (SAT / ACT)

College Application Writing
  • Common Applications

  • College Application Essays

  • UC / University of California Essays

  • Personal Statements

  • Supplemental Essays

  • Letters of Recommendation

To learn more about our services, please visit our services page. College Application Packages

You can choose between different admissions consulting packages to help you with your college application.

Complete College Application Package Includes:
Common Applications College Application Strategy
School Selections Resumes and CVs
School-Specific Supplemental Essays College Admissions Interviews
Letters of Recommendation Suggestions for Test Preparation
College Application Package Pricing
Initial Phone Consultation (15 minutes) Free
One Hour of College Admissions Services (Essay Help, Interview Prep, Letters of Recommendation, etc.) $275
Resume $375
2 Letters of Recommendation $625
College Interview Coaching (2 hours) $475
Personal Statement (Common Application Essay) $795
Personal Statement and Supplemental Essay Package  $1,850 for the First School + $150 for Each Additional School
Complete College Application Package (UNLIMITED HOURS) $3,400 for the First School + $200 for Each Additional School

*This applies to one application cycle. For other services not included in the package, we charge our standard hourly fee.

We suggest our clients apply to at least three schools (two safety, one mid-range, and zero reach schools) to maximize their chances of gaining admission to at least one school. Your admissions consultant will provide greater detail about which schools fit into which category for you.

To maximize the chances of gaining admission to a competitive university, we suggest that our clients apply to five to twelve schools (three safety, one to five mid-range, and one to four reach schools).

College Application Consulting
General College Applications School Selections
College Application Planning Common Applications
Academics and Extracurriculars Suggestions for Test Preparation
College Admissions Interview Coaching
College Interviews General Interviews
Open-File Interviews Blind Interviews
Alumni Interviews Scholarship Interviews
College Application Writing
Personal Statements Common Application Essays
UC Application Essays Scholarship Application Essays
Recommendation Letters  Resumes and CVs

Why Choose Our College Admissions Consultants?

Our college consultants have worked for some of the top colleges and universities in the country. Therefore, they are well equipped to offer you insider knowledge on how to go about the whole college application process.

If you need university application help, rest assured that you have the right team working for you. Our college admissions consultants will help you get through the difficult and stressful part of the application process, making it easy for you to create and submit an outstanding application. You will have an advantage over other candidates who didn’t get professional help with their college applications.

We will help you make a great impression through your application. Our experts have years of experience and insider knowledge in admissions. We can help you gain admission to the college of your dreams.

You can contact our admissions consultants via Facetime, Google Chat, or Skype from anywhere in the world, or you can walk into our office in the Westwood area of Los Angeles for a face-to-face meeting.

Call our college consultants at +1(310) 951-4008 or click “Start Now” to complete the form and have our experts call you.