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Get an Excellent Letter of Recommendation for Your College or Graduate School Application

 The fastest way to get yourself admitted to a highly competitive college or graduate schools is an impressive and powerful letter of recommendation (reference letter) that will distinguish you from the pack.

You have to play the right cards when it comes to applying for admission to the top colleges and universities. The question now is, how do you differentiate between the “ok” recommendation letter and the excellent ones?

The fact that your recommendation might be from a professor or from a respected employer doesn’t mean they know how to write a great reference letter. Your recommender may not know how to write compelling letters and those that know how to might not have the time to do it. They may describe you as “a polite and friendly student”, but how does that help you with your application? In most cases, letters of recommendation are written in bogus, generic language that doesn’t show your competitive advantages.

At SOS Admissions, we use a compelling reference letter writing style that focuses on your positive traits and accomplishments. Our reference letter writing has helped many applicants secure admission into highly competitive colleges and graduate schools.

We consider our letter of recommendation service to be our “secret weapon” to help our clients get into competitive colleges and universities.

Past Clients have Gone To:
Harvard University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Claremont McKenna College, University of Chicago, United States Naval Academy, University of California, Berkeley, Tufts University,
Our Admissions Experts Have Been Featured In:
Time, Los Angeles Times, CNN, US News and World Report, NBC News, and China Daily

Let Us Help You

We put in every necessary resource into the reference you provide in order to ensure you get your perfect letter of recommendation within 3 business days.

Help Your

Reference To Write

  • We will discuss what you want from the letter of recommendation with you and then contact your reference to help them write the perfect letter for you.

Write For

Your Reference

  • Some references may be happy to allow us write the reference letter on their behalf. If your reference prefers this, we will conduct an interview for you, allowing us create the reference letter you need.

Before contacting us or making any payment, you have to ascertain that your reference will be willing to work with us. The best way to convince them to work with us is to remind them how much time and effort it will save them. Also, you can tell them they will be given the opportunity to review the letter before they submit it. If they have any reservations, they can request modifications before appending their signature.

NOTE: the letters of recommendation are to be read, approved and submitted by your selected reference. We ensure that we make the reference 100% truthful, reflecting your true academic or work experience.

What You Get From Our Reference Writing Service (Hourly Rates)


Why Us?

Our recommendation letter writing service is designed to make the best out of every client’s application.

  • Writing Style: Our expert writers make it a duty to ensure that every letter of recommendation is an original masterpiece on its own, designed to maximize your chances of admission.

  • Professional Knowledge: We know what admission officers are searching for and that is exactly what we include in our letters of recommendation.

  • Personalization: We do not make use of generic templates. We write every letter of recommendation from scratch, making use of the information you provide to make it personalized.

Our reputation in the admissions field is unmatched by any other company and that is why SOS Admissions can boast over 7,000 happy clients and counting. Our professional team members have helped many applicants secure admission into top colleges and graduate schools.

We at SOS Admissions consider your success as our success and for this reason, we make use of every resource we have to ensure your application is successful.

Consultation can be done anywhere in the world via Skype, Google Chat, Face Time or you could walk into our Beverly Hills office.

Call us at +1(310) 951-4008 or complete out the form and our experts will call you.