Private School Application Consultants To Help You Gain Admission to Your Dream School

We have assisted hundreds of students to get into some of the best private day schools and boarding schools in North America. We help clients at any and all stages of their application process to independent schools, by offering a broad number of admissions consulting services. These range from comprehensive application assistance to targeted support. SOS Admissions has made the difference between “REJECTED” and “ACCEPTED” for hundreds of independent school applicants just like you or your child.

Private School Application Consultants Featured In
Time, Los Angeles Times, CNN, US News and World Report, NBC News, and China Daily

Our independent school admissions consultants have all worked in admissions offices at top private day schools and boarding schools, so they possess a very strong insider’s understanding of the processes involved.

Private School Admissions Consulting

SOS Admissions provides clients with a wide range of admissions consulting services for students and their families. Each service is designed to bring forth each client’s strengths while showcasing their unique nature. We offer private school admissions consulting services as a package or individually, based on your specific needs. Our independent school admissions consultants can help with a specific aspect of your private day school and boarding school application (interviews, application forms, essays, etc.), or you can purchase a comprehensive package, which fully covers all aspects of the application.


Our Complete Private School Application Package gives you one-on-one admissions help throughout the entire application process. Our independent school consultants will write application essays, resumes, and supplemental application forms, as well as drafting reference letters. Additionally, we will provide one-on-one admissions interview coaching via Skype, FaceTime, phone, or in-person meetings. In a nutshell, we will do everything short of submitting the private application for you.


  • School Selections

  • Private School Interview Preparation
  • Academic Planning
  • Activity Descriptions
  • Academics and Extracurriculars

  • Test Prep Suggestions

  • Application Forms

  • Private School Application Essays

  • Diversity Essays

  • Personal Statements

  • Parent Essays
  • Letters of Recommendation

Private School Application Packages

You can choose between different admissions consulting packages to help you with your private school application.

Private School Application Package Includes:
Parents EssaysApplication Essays
School SelectionsResumes and CVs
School-Specific Supplemental EssaysPrivate School Interviews
Letters of RecommendationSuggestions for Test Preparation
Private School Application Package Pricing
Initial Phone Consultation (15 minutes)Free
Application Planning and Evaluation Service (Introductory Service With Expert Advice on Essays, Letters of Rec, Resume / CV, etc.)$465
School Selection Service (Professional Guidance on the Best Schools for You)$875
Personal Statement / Application Essay (Less than 700 Words)$1085
Short Essay (Less Than 300 Words)$675
Interview Coaching$975
High School Resume / Bragg Sheet$675
Letter of Recommendation$685
Waitlist Appeal Letter / Letter of Continued Interest**$1085
Complete Application Package (UNLIMITED HOURS – Savings of $1510 over purchasing services individually)$4775 for the First School + $675 for Each Additional School

*This applies to one application cycle for private school. For other services not included in the package, we charge our standard hourly fee.

We suggest our independent school admissions clients apply to at least six schools (safety, mid-range, and reach schools) to maximize their chances of gaining admission to at least one private school. Your admissions consultant will provide greater detail about which schools fit into which category for you.

** Our experience shows that without a waitlist appeal letter or letter of continued interest, the applicant has a 12% chance of getting off a waitlist at a competitive school. With a good waitlist appeal letter and waitlist campaign, that moves up to 45%. A waitlist campaign involves contacting the school on multiple occasions every few months to remind them of clients’ accomplishments and continued interest.

Private School Application Consulting
School SelectionApplication Planning
Academics and ExtracurricularsSuggestions for Test Preparation
Interview PreparationAcademic Planning
Private School Application Writing
Personal StatementsApplication Forms
Application EssaysParent Essays
Recommendation LettersResumes and CVs

Private School Admissions Consultants

Our private school consultants have worked for some of the top private day schools and boarding schools in North America. Therefore, they are well equipped to offer you insider knowledge on how to go about the whole independent school application process.

You can contact our admissions consultants via Facetime, Google Chat, or Skype from anywhere in the world, or you can walk into our office in the Westwood area of Los Angeles for a face-to-face meeting.

Call our college consultants at +1(310) 951-4008 or click “Start now” to complete the form and have our experts call you.