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SAT or ACT scores are a crucial factor in the college admissions process. These days, a “good” score just doesn’t cut it anymore. You need a better, higher score if you want to be accepted to the college of your dreams.

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We are not simply SAT Tutors / ACT tutors. We are EXPERTS in the entire college application process, and we provide personalized advice for our clients. No matter how competitive the college or university, we can help you build a successful application.
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Sadly, most test prep companies ignore a student’s individual learning needs. Classes provide the same exact lectures and curriculum for each and every student, thus creating ineffective lesson plans. Some lessons are too simple, while others are much too hard. Students may waste time relearning material they already know, while at the same time not focusing enough time on topics that are less familiar.

SOS Admissions is different. We recognize that every student has vastly different abilities and different skills. We create a week-by-week study plan that is customized specifically for you, and is designed to vastly boost and improve your score.


  • Personalized 1:1 Tutoring
  • Expert Teachers
  • Customized Lesson Plans
  • 20 Years of Experience
  • World-Class Test Prep Books
  • Expert Admissions Advice
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Initial Phone Consultation (15 minutes)Free
10 Hours of SAT Tutoring / ACT Tutoring$1750
SAT Prep / ACT Prep Package (30 Hours)$3050
Application Planning and Evaluation Service (Expert Advice on Essays, Letters of Rec, Resume / CV, etc.)$465

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